The tickets and other services

Below, you will find the tickets and other services offered for ETC and ESC for both T9A and FoW.

Barring a force majeure event like a pandemic, the tickets are non-refundable. They may be transferred to another team / person. Please advise us on this at to avoid confusion.

For hotels - we have booked a room block for you at guaranteed rates at the nearby DoubleTree by Hilton 4* and Hampton by Hilton 3* hotels. More information below.

The Ninth Age ETC Tickets

Flames of War ETC Tickets


Please click the buttons below to book hotel rooms directly at the hotels.  Hotel rules of booking and cancellation policy apply and we do not participate in the booking process other than providing the links below. There are around 150 hotel rooms between these two held for you for the peak dates (2-4 August, 2024).

Unused rooms will be gradually returned to the hotel portfolio, with first cut-off of 40% unused rooms happening on 30 March, second of 30% on 30 May and the rest on 10 July.

The hotels apply their own policies regarding data collection and cookies files.

DoubleTree by Hilton 4*

Hampton by Hilton 3*



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